Year 10


This squad has been together for a number of years with a core set of players having been with the squad from the beginning.  It is lovely to see so many friendships that have developed through the club with players from all over the town and surrounding areas.


The focus for this season is to work on the teams strength both physically and mentally.  This squad will be moving up to play against adults in the Marriotts league (Tuesday evenings) so they get to play regular matches.  The players need to work on their assertiveness and this will be a key focus this season,  we will continue to work on keeping the ball safe in order to retain possession and attack the goal.


The 2015/2016 season is an exciting time for this squad with a new coaching team.  There will be opportunities for players to also support other senior teams, they will need show their skills and strength in readiness to integrate with the senior squads in the future.


We are looking for more players to join this squad and if you are interested or would like  more information, please contact us.




Coaching Team:


Linda Meller



Maz Upton